neighbourhood arts Network and RBC Presents ——Let’s talk ABOUT ART

Introducing the second newcomer focus event of the year, Neighbourhood Arts Network and RBC proudly present:

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Let’s Talk Art | Coffee and Tea with Arts Leaders

Join us for the first installment of our part four part series, which will bring a total of 20 award winning professional Toronto based artists to facilitate workshops for newcomer artists. These artists will represent the following disciplines: Music, Literary, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Theatre and Dance

Each workshop will be formatted as a 3 hour round table session  facilitated by 5 multi-disciplinary artists. This session will invite arts leaders to facilitate a workshop on the nuts and bolts of being a practicing artist in Toronto. This event will give access to newcomers to connect with gallery directors, performing arts presenters and curators in order to better acquaint them to arts sector in Toronto.

This series will give access to newcomer artists to connect with the gatekeeper of the Toronto arts sector, an opportunity to increase their capacity and understand how navigate the arts in Toronto.

Here are a few art leaders that will be joining us for coffee and tea:

  • Franco Boni, General and Artistic Director  – Theatre Centre
  • Su-Ying Lee, Assistant Curator – The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA)
  • Christy DiFelice – Music Officer – Toronto Arts

Date and Time: Tuesday April 7th | 12:00-3:00pm

Location: Merchants Of Green Coffee,  2 Matilda St

Food will be provided! 

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Review: stories untold

Two weeks ago Paralia Newcomer Arts Network hosted the first event of the “Stories Untold” series where we had the opportunity to meet and listen to two newcomer artists in Toronto: Mirna Chacín and Tania Iraheta. Thank you East End Arts and Children’s Peace Theatre for making it happen!

Not only did Mirna and Tania do a fantastic job talking about their work, but they also presented some of the challenges they faced in order to establish as an artist in Canada. See below the tweets we live-tweeted during the event. 

Make sure you don’t miss next one!