Mission, Vision and Values


Paralia supports and promotes newcomer artists as well as encourages their self-sustainability by providing them with the skills and resources needed in order to establish an artistic presence in Canada. This includes skill assessment and matchmaking, portfolio critics, resource management, and networking opportunities, bringing artists from all cultures together, speaking the multifaceted–yet unied–language of art.


To create opportunities for immigrant and newcomer artists who wish to establish or continue their artistic practice in Canada.



  • We are part of a diverse artistic community; each offering their own skill set and story. We believe in community.
  • We encourage collaboration and helping one another to achieve our personal best.

Life Experience/ Understanding

  • We believe that our history and lived experiences shape our creativity.
  • We offer a positive and supportive environment to foster this creativity in Toronto’s arts + culture community.
  • We value the courage of the artistic spirit, never losing sight of who we are and where we come from.


  • We seek collaboration with members of the creative class who share our passion for the arts.
  • We represent the next wave of immigrant Canadian artists and cultural leaders.
  • We encourage self-discovery and self-representation through any and all forms of artistic expression.