About us



Marta Keller-Hernandez
Programming Director



Leah Rakopoulos – Chair/President

Rachel Marie Ostep – Treasurer/Secretary

Gracia Dyer Jalea

Jialing Ye


Thoughts Behind the Project:

Inspired by the word paralian, meaning “dweller by the ocean”. The blue sea was the first and last thing many see on the journey to Canada. Although some may not experience these moments of excitement, anticipation and fear, it is a part of our collective understanding a story we have heard from previous generations and from those that have made this life-changing trip.

Why Do We Do It?screen-shot-2014-11-26-at-11-48-55-am

We live in a diverse city, promising a better life along with unique and unlimited opportunities. Many choose to put their careers on hold to settle somewhere new, one day hoping that they might once again make a living doing what they love. This transition is most difficult for emerging and established artists that have created for themselves more than just a profession, but a means of self-expression and a way of life.

Paralia exists as a point of contact for newcomer artists, a beacon of information that will provide individuals with the tools and support needed to establish their presence in arts communities


screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-10-27-56-amWhat We Offer:

Paralia Newcomer Arts Network is a collective that supports and promotes newcomer artists in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area as well as provides resources and information on current opportunities.

We are here to stimulate conversation and discussion surrounding current trends and opportunities in local arts communities, sharing the resources and offering support for newcomer artists.