Bill C-24

As June 12th, Bill C- 24 recived Royal Assent and is now Law.
The bylaw listed 9 eligibility requirements, 11 fraud provisions and 6 decision factors, this law questions the eligibilities of people with duo citizenship, expecially the ones spend long time outside of Canada, and the ones come into Canada with their orignial citizenship.
For new Canadian citizenship applicants, they would have to sign an agreement indicate that “they intend to stay in Canada”, and possibly give up their old citizenship status. The government will also track the people whom already obtained Canadian citizenship, yet proven currently residing outside of Canada. Their Canadian citizenship might be reviewed, worst case, revoked and withdrawn.
More info of Bill C-24 : Here
Lawyers faught hard to against this law, as it unfairly targets and devalues the contributions made by one specic group of immigrants, namely, former foreign workers and international students who became Canadian permanent residents in the recent years… Does it affect your life?

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